Friday, January 3, 2020

Jumping back in?

Hello readers (if I still have any). 

Awhile I ago I made the decision to stop TTC due to the progression of my heart condition. I have been on Mirena IUD, quite happily, and just had my Mirena re-inserted at 5 year mark in Sept 2019.
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However, since then, I have had my long-awaited pulmonary heart valve replacement. The wonders of modern medicine still amaze me. When I had my first valve inserted when I was just 8 yo, I had to have open heart surgery and 17 days in hospital, due to complications.

THIS time...with the Edwards-Sapien valve, they were able to insert via catheter. I had ONE night in hospital and two weeks recovery. I am currently on two meds to prevent clots, a baby aspirin and Plavix (lisinopril). Luckily, I will be off the lisinopril in April 2020, after I see my Cardiologist for my follow-up appointment.
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I have had such massive improvement of heart symptoms since the surgery. At least 95% reduction in chest pain and heart palpitations (my estimate). My experience was having chest pain and/or heart palpitations at least once daily prior to valve replacement, and now I have nearly none!

Since I've been feeling so well, my DH asked me one day what I thought about TTC again.
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I had happily accepted our childless state. I really enjoy not having periods due to being on Mirena. I do have some serious concerns about how my mental health will fare with the physical and other demands of pregnancy and early motherhood.

I do still regret not making him a father. Because he will be such a great one. I told him all of this and stated that I would not be willing to go forward unless

A) We wait to start TTC after talking to my Cardiologist at my follow-up in April.
B) He must, must, must help with newborn care. I mean, equal share, because I know when I'm sleep-deprived my heart, behavioral and all other health suffers and I genuinely am concerned that it will make me a terrible mother to boot.

He agreed. Now I'm in research mode, trying to find out what other monitors, herbal remedies, and overall tools for TTC are available now that weren't 5 years back when I stopped trying.

Wish me luck, readers! If you want to see what supplements, monitors and other tools I'm stocking up on for TTC, check out my Getting Ready to TTC 2.0 list on Amazon.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!