Sunday, April 29, 2012

Irregular cycles and RE appt

First, since beginning the Bee Fertile Supplements, my cycles have gone all whack-a-doodle.  I cannot be certain it is due to the Bee Fertile supplements entirely; Around the time I started them, I ran out of my Super B Complex and B6 and have not yet replaced them. So it is possible that this is a large reason for my LP being so variable. In my last two cycles, my LP shortened from its avg 11-13 (while taking Super B Complex and B6) to an LP of 9 followed by an LP of 4 Smiley

This is not a great start. It will be difficult to truly achieve pregnancy if I am shedding my lining before the zygote can implant. Yesterday was 7DPO for this cycle, and spotting started. At first sticky and bright red, later clotty and dark brown. It is continuing today and with a mixture of bloating, cramping and my temp staying down, AF (menses) is sure to be on her way.

My chart was strange this time. I usually have a fall around 3-5 DPO, followed by a return to higher temps. This time, my temp fell, and just stayed down around the same level. It rose but some, and today with another temperature in the same range, FF decided I had not actually O'd.

But my symptoms say I have. I've had increased sense of smell, sore nips, burning tenderness on the side of my breasts and fatigue. Now the bloating, which does usually precede AF when joined with spotting. The strangest thing is that with my cramping, I have had flutters and wiggling feelings in my pelvis. Most likely this is more gas. Oh, and I've been super gassy. BUT, also I remember when I was anovulatory, that I would have symptoms of sore nips and extreme moodiness and weepiness a week or two before AF. So, I may not have O'd after all. It is hard to say. I still have fullness in my pelvis along with some cramping. How I wish I could call it implantation! I wish it could never be known as a possibility since it is so rare to be noted by actual women who become pregnant.

So overall, these last 3 cycles have been dreadful. I have no faith that my LP will last beyond 4 days.

Now, for my RE appointment! I went to see him gave him a full history of my cycles, miscarriage and attempts to conceive. He used a t/v ultrasound (trans-vaginal) to check out my uterus and ovaries and said they looked "wonderful". In light of this, his preliminary evaluation is that I need only medications that induce ovulation. Although he did not say which, I am most sure he means either Clomid or Femara. He ordered and SA for my DH and a progesterone draw for me. By the time I had my progesterone draw, I was only 4 DPO. I should be able to call sometime Monday afternoon (Apr 30) to get the results.

My follow-up appointment will be much later though, because he needs me to have a consult with a perinatologist that would follow me in pregnancy, as I will be high-risk due to my congenital heart defect. Because the Peri's schedule is out so far, I cannot see him until June 18th. I have my appt for the RE set at July 2nd. So it looks like I will have at least 2 cycles on my own before I am able to even consult with the RE again.

I am hoping that I can convince him to try Femara before Clomid. I will have to check stats again, but I believe Femara provides less increased chance of multiples over Clomid, and one of my past OB/GYNs said her concern in providing Clomid was the chance of multiple pregnancy, which would increase the strain to my heart. I guess we'll see in June.
Disclaimer: Although the Bee Fertile supplements were provided to me at no charge, all opinions are my own. Trust me, I 'll give you the good, bad and in-between with an un-varnished eye!

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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