Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another restless morning

Ever since I started cutting my anti-psychotic in half I usually find myself awake anywhere from 3-5am. Not every morning, but enough to notice a difference and I never had trouble sleeping through the night before. I wonder if it will affect my temperatures. I usually try to stay in bed until my alarm goes off but this morning I was so hot and sweaty that I decided to take my temp an hour early and go ahead and get up. I wish I were in bed asleep right now because I'm still quite tired, but it just wasn't happening.

The weird thing is that for so early my temp was a bit higher than normal (97.90). Yesterdays OPK was completely negative, however, I did notice my sample was more diluted than it has been the last few days. Still, I got zero test line and I think that if I had ovulated yesterday there would have been SOMETHING even with a diluted sample. So I feel this higher temp today is just a fluke unless by some miracle I'm ovulating today.

A lot of my other fertility signs are pointing towards it. Lately my cervix has been so high I can't reach it so I can't evaluate the texture and my CM has been odd. It has a very lubricative feeling, but most of what I pull looks sticky more than anything, so I've been putting creamy.

I just don't know what to think about my body because I get a sign like a super-high cervix, but negligible CM. Yet still no positive OPK (barely even close) and temps all over the place. Looks like I'm back on my anovulatory cycles. I had such hope because for at least two cycles in a row I had 28-30 day cycles on their own with no help. That was when I was on the calorie-shifting diet and had lost some weight. I have to wonder if there is something about a higher protein diet that is more regular.

I must try using the diet generator for it again. I can't be depended on to eat according to the diet when I have too much control over what I eat and it was working. Plus, there was this diet program we were set to start, a holistic program, but there is a problem with the way WA state licenses it so the owner is having to decide if she can stay and run it or not.

I'm not sure how many days to give AF before she shows. I did just get the ClearPlan Fertility Monitor from my friend at work and have ordered the test sticks so I may just wait to use the progesterone to start AF until after they show up so I can reset the monitor.  I even ordered about 3 expired sticks to use for resetting so I don't waste a good stick from the new package.

In reviewing the prices online for the sticks I really do think Amazon is the  best price for sticks within the expiration date. There were a lot of them going for about $20 or less on eBay, but the expiration date couldn't be guaranteed and I wouldn't want to chance it.

I really wish I could call in sick today and just try to get some more rest, but it is so hard to try and reschedule clients and my schedule is out so far anyway that I think that I shouldn't call in just because I'm feeling poorly. I suppose I could go back to bed and try to get some rest and come in an hour late. Then do some work from home on Wednesday. I think I'll just shower and go in because even now I'm still hot and sweaty.

I think I need to really watch the caffeine. I had two sodas yesterday. I only intended to have one but my husband served me one for dinner and I wanted it so I drank it anyway. I think at the very least I'm going to say no soda after 5PM and see if that helps with my sleep at all because I'm very sensitive to caffeine. Too much a day or after a certain hour messed with my sleep before and it certainly will now. I guess it will have to be the price I pay for going off the medicine. I wonder if I should start taking Melatonin on a regular basis just to see if it will help me sleep through the night.

We'll see what tomorrow night brings

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!