Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joined Weight Watchers (for the third time)!

Let's hope third times the charm, right? Mostly, I joined because my friend D recently joined and would like some support to talk about the plan and how we're doing on it. Being a WW veteran I could have easily used my materials at home and done all of the process, but you know, I like meetings. It's the little attention-seeker in me that loves to say "Look at me, I lost .5 lbs this week!" I just love the pats on the back and sharing good tips with others.

Also, I feel that I can help support my friend along the way if she knows that I'm going to be saying, now you missed the meeting this week, what's up? And hopefully I'll get the same from her.

Ultimately my goal would be to reach goal weight and achieve lifetime membership. BUT since right now my primary goal is to be at a healthy weight for when I eventually become pregnant, I think I'd be happy with losing about 4o lbs. Which is a tall order.

Later I'll change into slimming clothes and have DH take some before shots of me and to keep me accountable I will also post my weights. I'm thinking of also taking my measurements.

My starting weight is: 238.0 lbs (eep!) I have a whopping 29 DAILY points that I can eat...that's a lot really. As I lose the program will get harder and harder, so I think I may take advantage of the 29 daily points to ease myself into the program.

I think I may set my first goal at 195 lbs. Because any weight loss would be a healthier weight to start a pregnancy, but I think to be below 200 would be the best. And I'll have to do some soul-searching to see if I want to hold off on the TTC until I've lost 20 lbs or so. Or do I just want to do the program and cancel it should I then become pregnant? I have started soy and that may or may not work, but who knows, if it doesn't, I may have a long while on the WW bandwagon to get to the healthiest starting weight possible.


Bethgun said...

I remember when you lost a bunch of weight on WW - you did an amazing job! You can totally do it again.

Melissa said...

Like I said, third times the charm, hopefully I can keep it off this time!

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!