Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Silver Lining fertility signs have been super confusing. After my positive OPK, I have had a continually high cervix and sore nips. CM stayed kind of wet but mostly creamy/sticky.  And my temps have not been cooperating at all.

Today looks like it might be the nail in the coffin....Spotting. When I checked my cervix I had brownish and very red spotting. Also a HUGE temp drop. If I DID O when my OPK said I did, I would only be 6DPO. In desperation I can hope that this is implantation. But my heart tells me this is it...AF is sending her calling card and I will start another cycle.

The silver lining to this is now I get to start using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor! It's odd that I was kind of hoping not to be pregnant so I could use a device that will help me get pregnant. But the little bit of hope in me is going to wait for Full Red Flow before I start cycle CD1 on either fertility Friend OR the CBEFM.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!