Sunday, April 21, 2013

Join the Movement...for natural fertility supplementation

When my husband and I began our attempts to build our family, we had hoped it would only mean stopping birth control, and maybe a few months of concerted "scheduling" for baby-making.  I feared due to my years on birth-control medication, it could take up to a year to conceive. I had wanted to be as healthy as possible pre-pregnancy, and began looking into the vitamins and supplements that would be good for me to get started in preparation.

I had even ensured I met with each of my doctors to determine what steps I would need to take to be ready for pregnancy and delivery. The last question I thought I would need to ask is about how my current medications were affecting my fertility.

As I desperately tried to pinpoint the barriers I faced to successfully ovulating, conceiving and achieving live birth, I had researched a multitude of causes for my lack of ovulation and later my miscarriage and subsequent spotting before my period. Although I found many possibilities, and I would discuss them with my OB/GYN or Primary Care Physician, it took time to establish that I have hypothyroidism, but it doesn't seem to be addressing the totality of my fertility challenges.

Along the way I have tried a multitude of vitamins and supplements to address my specific needs---Soy Isoflavones, Vitex, B Complex vitamins, Royal Jelly and many others. Currently I'm under the care of an acupuncturist; along with my treatments and herbal supplements tells me what I've known all along--I will best make changes in my health through exercise and an appropriate diet.

In any case, when I've encountered co-workers, friends, or acquaintances with lack of knowledge about trying to conceive or infertility, I do my best to share what I have learned and recommend that they start with a visit to their doctors as well as researching on their own at reputable sites such as and Even if I can just make someone aware of appropriate infertility etiquette, I'll feel like I've done something for the movement of infertility awareness.

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    Dr. Dorothy Pang, L.Ac. said...

    Dorothy Pang, The Natural Fertility Expert, I am so glad that you sought the help of an acupuncturist! Acupuncture and personalized nutrition and exercise are an integral part of my Fertility in Bloom Program, and they are definitely important for improving health in general, and fertility in particular.

    infertility in women said...

    hi every thing will be fine.. its better you consult a gynecologist for more solution...

    Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

    Dr. Pang--Thank you for your input! I've been seeing my acupuncturist awhile now and I know I ovulated in April 2013 (6 months after last Depo Provera shot) Cycles still a little wonky, but she says I seem to be someone who HAS to make dietary changes. I always feel better after seeing her.

    Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

    Infertility in Women--I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I am not sure that you read my blog post or the rest of my blog at all.

    "Every thing will be fine" is a very trite dismissal of the struggle and emotional pain of infertility. I have seen at least 2 gynecologists, a Reproductive Endocrinologist, and a Perinatologist office---all of whom have been as of yet unsuccessful in treating my infertility.

    I am not trying to be judgmental, but you seem to be dismissing the whole theme and perspective of my post in a very uninformed and limited point of view.

    Motherhood Wanted approved!

    Motherhood Wanted approved!
    Diana Farrell, MA


    Motherhood Wanted approved!