Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm finally ovulating again!!!

I definitely know I ovulated last month. Still a really short LP, with spotting prior to my period. But, at least it is ovulation. I think I'm having one of my strongest ovulations since my depo provera shot. I can tell because I have had burning in the glands under my armpits and my breast have had a burning pain on the sides, that worsens when touched.  Not very intense pain, but enough for me to notice and worsens with exercise or a lot of movement.

DH has been more randy than lately. Fingers-crossed that this means we have a solid chance this month, as I haven't prepped my thermometer to track, so I currently have no means of confirming ovulation. I'll probably know ovulation has occurred when I start spotting daily. It'll be about a week until full on flow starts---unless, something good is about to happen.

I have also been using To Conceive daily (after taking care of some vaginal imbalance), and each time we have sex. I really hope it will help his little guys make the journey to an egg that I hopefully have waiting. I will have to start my LP herbal pills tomorrow and I hope to see a change this cycle to no longer having such short LPs or the bleeding before my period.

Yesterday my SIL told my DH that she had a dream that everyone was over at our house, when DH received a call from me. I was at an ultrasound appointment to confirm that we had a heartbeat. DH then announced to his family we were expecting.

This dream sounds like foreshadowing to me for several reasons:
1.     It would be just like DH to refuse to join me at our ultrasound appointment.
2.     It would also be very DH for him to be unable to wait to announce to everyone and surprise them.
3.     It sounds too realistic than unusual. But then, it wasn't my dream.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!