Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Jelly Effects and Cycle Changes. *Update at bottom*

So, after about 15 days of Royal Jelly, here is my experience....

As for not necessarily fertility benefits:

  • Stable, long-lasting energy. I was getting over sinusitis and left me very tired. The day I started this I started having a stable alertness--not the jittery kind from an energy drink or coffee that goes away in an hour or so, but lasting at least through work.
  • Also, a more stable mood. I do have a mood disorder, and have been (and still am) on psych meds since diagnosed. Not once since then have I felt this sort of mood stability....yeah, I might get weepy, stressed, or angry, but what is different is I am able to go right back to center. I now have the ability to calm down without getting derailed for a day or more or coming home and taking it out on DH! Not that it makes me happy per se, but it is like the harness you wear when you are on a climbing wall---if you slip, it's there to keep you from falling too far and hard and maybe help you get back on the wall.
  • Appetite suppressant. Normally when I take something with an appetite suppressant (you know we've all tried ONE), it works awesome for the first day or two, but then the effects weaken and I crave food again. This stuff is pretty long lasting. Sometimes it's as if I get full REALLY fast. The other day I was in the middle of eating and just. did. not. want. food. I felt stuffed to the gills, but it was just breakfast. This is unlike me in many ways. It was bad at first, because I ended up only having a packet of oatmeal for lunch the first day, it gave me a headache I think from not eating enough.
Fertility effects:
  •  Started taking on March 1st exactly! So, as of today have been taking it 19 days. This is actually enlightening because I'd assumed that my reaction last period was due to starting the Royal Jelly, but according to this it was started AFTER my last AF started...hmmm.
  • Anyway, from observation it appears that I have had more emotional TWW, but back to a 9 day LP >p Only really spotted one day before, it seems I will have to trade one for another. It seems that my regular PMS symptoms have been magnified/altered slightly.
Really though, I'm not sure what I can attribute to the Royal Jelly. It certainly hasn't extended my LP at all. What I'm noticing now seems to be what happened my last cycle. And it sucks. Because what is happening as that I have slight TWW symptoms and then the 1st day or two of my AF I get super-duper preggo symptoms. Today, we went to Pike Place Market and we were having a good time, but I started to get queasy, dizzy, and tired. And my BBs are KILLING me. Like, they didn't hurt this much since I was pregnant. But if this is to follow last cycle, I was most definitely not pregnant. This is beyond frustrating. I'm definitely bleeding and even if I am somehow pregnant it is most likely a chemical. I'm not sure I want to know, because I most likely won't know the answer. I know that most cycle changes last for about 3 months or cycles. I'm hopeful that this will lead to increased fertility later, but if not I'd rather it stop because it is driving me batty!!!

ETA: I forgot to add that it seems to make my pee BRIGHT YELLOW. I mean neon. At least it's not orange. Also, at some point I liked the effects of the non-fertility benefits so much I increased to 2 capsules a day. Definitely tooo much. I started feeling itchy in my ears and pelvic I said, I have no knowledge of allergies to bees, but I will definitely not be taking more than one capsule (500 mg) per day. I know I should probably leave well enough alone, but the non-fertility benefits are so great I don't want to give it up. So no more than 1 capsule a day.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you've posted on this topic! I recently started Royal Jelly as well and I'm experiencing some of the same effects. And my pee is bright yellow too! I'm doing one capsule a day @ 500mg. Been on it for almost 2 weeks now.

Melissa said...

You know, someone on my forum attributed bright yellow pee to B6. But I've taken that before w/o that result. However, when I added the RJ, I also started a B50 complex w/ my B6. I also know that RJ has B6, and now I'm taking a break from RJ pee stopped being as yellow.

alaa abouzeid said...

What u think about rj during pgregnancy especially first trimester

Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

Alaa-From everything I've read, Royal Jelly is NOT recommended during pregnancy. Most herbal sites, the labels on the jars, usually say to STOP taking it once pregnancy is confirmed.
If I am correct, many people avoid feeding young children honey until the first year as it may activate allergens. Since Royal Jelly is 50x more potent, if not more, I think stopping it once pregnancy is confirmed is wise.
Don't worry about taking it prior to when you knew--but I would recommend speaking with a licensed herbalist about potential effects during pregnancy.

Unknown said...

Can royal jelly regulates the periods? And can it effects pregnancy? As this month I have not got my periods yet and it's almost 10 days, but my pregnancy is negative and suggest me to wait while month, I am taking rj on daily basis and today I see some spots of blood. So rj effects pregnancy? Help

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!