Wednesday, April 21, 2010

O may be coming!!

So, I was disappointed a few days ago by a dip in my temperatures after a huge temp spike.  I decided to carry on with my Ovulation Test Strips or OPKs.

For most of the time I kept seeing this:

As you can see, the test line (on the left) is barely there.

Last night though, my OPKs started to look like this:

There's a weird marring on the test, but I don't think it's invalid.

And here is this morning's test:

It looks slightly lighter than last nights. Note the test line (on the left) is not the same color as the control so it is not yet positive, but the fact that the test line is getting darker is a good sign!

Also, I am observing my other fertility signs, the primary of which is cervical fluid (or mucus) and the secondary is cervix position. I noticed yesterday and the day before my CM has become increasingly more watery. This is good as this and EWCM (egg-white CM) are the most fertile.

Also, I observe a secondary fertility sign, my cervix position (CP). Today my CP was very high and medium consistency and the opening was about medium open.  So this is also a great sign. When it is high, soft, and open I should be at maximum fertility!

Fertility Friend states that I am at my most fertile right now.  So it's time to get in some BD (baby-dancing ; ) to try and catch the egg.

I'm just so excited that I *might* be O'ing! Will keep you posted with updated pics later.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!