Friday, May 21, 2010

Early Pregnancy Symptoms/Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms

There's a fine line between early pregnancy symptoms (EPS) and imaginary pregnancy symptoms (IPS). And that line is the test line on your pregnancy tests. Yes, nature is cruel, and often the same (or similar) symptoms a woman experiences prior to her period are the same as symptoms prior to pregnancy. Especially for a TTCer who as she starts the 2WW (two week wait) is susceptible to slight changes in her body.

With that said, for my first official 2WW I'm going to present a list of my EPS/IPS by DPO:

  --Random itching of my body. At first I just noticed it on the back of my arm behind my arm-pit, the inside of my arm near my wrist and my scalp.    
  --Slightly more frequent urination but I wasn't sure if that was because I started drinking more water (but not more than I used to before two weeks ago)
  --I also started to notice at 3PM a distinct metallic taste in my mouth. Kind of like I sucked on a quarter and had taken it out a full minute...not super strong, but definitely a metallic taste.
  --Also had the itching in the same areas.
  --Around 10:30PM I suddenly noticed sore gums. I reached for the floss, but realized it was ALL of my gums, not just around a certain tooth. I flossed anyway and they bled a little.
  --Still slightly more frequent urination.
  --Continued itching in random places, with an increase in itching. I am now itching (at different times) inside my ears, sides of my fingers, palms, toes, soles of feet, small parts of legs, waist, back, parts of breast, back of armpit, and parts of my face including my nostrils and inside corners of my eyes (something about the orifices it seems). Now my upper lip, eyebrows, and neck.
  --This morning my gums bled when I brushed my teeth and they are still sore.
  --Metallic taste continues, though slightly less in the afternoon.
  --Slightly more frequent urination. I usually only have to urinate about 4 times a day at work, and now it's just about every hour. Sometimes I have to hold it if there is a group, but if it gets bad enough I'll use the client bathroom.
  --Starting to have very slightly sore nips. More like they are bruised?
  --The coup de grace! Spotting on my toilet paper when I came home. I have been thinking that this is all INSANELY early to be having this degree of symptoms and what seems (to me) to be severe. Then I thought, "wouldn't you know I'd have implantation spotting today too" My eyes nearly bugged out when I saw that red on the toilet paper!

**Update** After dinner I'm starting to feel a little more tired than normal (it's only 9PM) and I don't know WHAT I am smelling. Some subtle chemical smell...I really just wish I could recognize what the smell is...**end**

That's where I am for now. I leave for Texas In a week. I am going to test Friday morning (5/28) unless FF has moved/removed my crosshairs or AF shows. Memorial Day will be 14 DPO, but I don't know if I want to wait until'd be kind of nice if it were positive before I left and I could decide how to tell my family. I was really wanting to wait to tell them but it would be SO great to get to tell them in person as they live a whole 2,000 miles away or something. And I know you read this sometimes Mom, but I don't know how often so don't worry and don't say anything to anyone because it's just as likely that I'm not and I'm just finally having enough progesterone in my system to give me different PMS symptoms.

But maybe not. And that's what get's me. And I now FULLY understand those POAS-aholics on the forums....I know 4DPO would be INSANELY early to get a positive on an HPT (though I did see a girl with a positive at 5DPO) I have so many HPTs that I'm telling myself I could just go through one a day until Friday and STILL have some leftover. I think, it's been awhile since I counted them.

The wait begins...

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!