Friday, June 18, 2010

Implantation or AF??

So, yesterday my temp dropped down to coverline and I told myself not to worry, because it's just one low temp. Today, my temp is now almost down to where it was when I O'd.

I decided to actually check my CP and CM today. My CP is low, medium and open. I couldn't really tell about the CM because we DTD last night, so I'm thinking it's semen. However, there was bright red spotting.

I'm having a bad feeling that AF is on her way. I'm having cramps, but I've BEEN having cramps b/c of my UTI or whatever urinary thing I have.

Also, my nips are KILLING me...just throbbing and painful. Also, I've been having somewhat pronounced veins, but this morning I even saw veins in my left bb (which is much larger than my right bb). And now the sides of my bb are sore....that's NEVER happened. My underarms are sore too.

I just don't think I'd see an INCREASE in symptoms if AF was coming right? I know she's a right evil witch, but really? I also think since my cervix is lower and we DTD that maybe the spotting is cervix irritation?

Plus, I haven't O'd so I have NO idea what my LP is. I really don't want the problem of a short LP. 9DPO is waaaay too short.

Please God, let this be implantation or at least just an estrogen surge and let my LP be longer!!

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!