Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Self-Fertility Massage DVD Review

I was the lucky recipient of the Self Fertility Massage DVD by Hethir Rodiriguez, CMT, MH  (Certified Massage Therapist & Master Herbalist).

If you are wondering if self-fertility massage is for you, this is a list of possible conditions that Hethir stated it was most helpful for:
Menstrual cramps
Scar Tissue
Blocked Fallopian tubes
Poor Circulation
Unexplained Infertility

Hethir also suggest that this massage could benefit anyone seeking to improve their reproductive health.

I just made time to sit and watch it, and darn if one of the cautions was not to use when on your period! But, I take this as a sign I can watch it all the way through and soak in the information without being impatient to start.

I will start with the two cautions given during the video: Do NOT perform self-fertility massage while you are menstruating. Do NOT perform self-fertility massage if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

There are six parts to the DVD:
Reproductive Anatomy
Castor Oil Therapy
Self-Fertility Massage Introduction
Accupressure & Reflexology
Recap & Summary

I really appreciated that the introduction provided a thorough, but concise explanation of the benefits of self-fertility massage, how it works to benefit each organ system and how this relates to fertility as a whole. During the massage, you are not only massaging your reproductive organs, but your digestive system and liver. At first, you may wonder, “What’s my stomach have to do with infertility?” but Hethir gives an explanation of how each system is connected to improve fertility and overall health. I am a big fan of whole body healing and I think Hethir explained it without a whole lot of medical mumbo-jumbo, but easy to understand terms.

In the Reproductive Anatomy section, Hethir provides various diagrams of the internal organs that will be addressed with self-fertility massage and explains how each system interacts to improve fertility. This is also where she explains how the massage works on different systems and how this relates to improving fertility.

I really loved having a visual step by step of how to apply Castor Oil packs. She offered a lot of tips from someone who has experience and I liked seeing what she meant by saturated.
**FYI—Tried to find Castor Oil at Walgreens—it’s in the laxative section! And the bottle sold was perhaps 3-5 oz. Much cheaper online!***

The self-fertility massage introduction gives step by step instructions with a visual of how to perform. Hethir reminds you of appropriate procedures and reminds you what organs/systems this massage is addressing. The very first technique is one I had read about when searching for insomnia cures at this website. I think the most valuable thing I will take from this DVD is how to find one’s ovaries. I could never be sure I knew where they were, but during the massage she gives you a “handy” technique to locate them. (Yes, that’s a pun. I apologize for my punny humor, I get it from my dad). She goes through a variety of techniques, but overall it doesn’t seem to take very long. I do see this as a way to relax and take care of yourself as you continue (or start) your fertility journey.

The Accupressure & Reflexology section describes the benefits and theories behind acupressure and how to apply to each area of the foot that will benefit each organ system for fertility. I was worried it would be hard to do, and those of us with poor flexibility will have to stretch a little, but since Hethir shows all of the massages performed on herself, you get an idea of what would be required to do a self-performed massage.

The Re-Cap and Summary section could be valuable as a refresher. Since she goes through the moves here without the explanations, it could be used as a reminder of how to perform each technique at your own pace.

I can’t wait for my period to be over so I can get started on this myself. I have an old flannel shirt that I am going to use for the castor oil treatment (I will probably cut off the sleeves, or just use the back).  Right now I have only the small bottle of castor oil I got at Walgreen’s. We’ll see how many sessions it lasts. She recommends doing self-fertility massage at least 4 times per week. I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to get one weeks worth of treatment from the Castor Oil bottle. I could also see this as a great thing to do right before bed, to relax.


Anonymous said...

I just had a friend tell me about this massage, I was skeptical, but also at the same time I am to the point where anything and I mean ANYTHING is worth a shot! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Crystal Gibson

Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

Crystal--I know what you mean about skeptical. When I started my quest for motherhood over 4 years ago, I don't know that I would have predicted that I would be going for acupuncture or half the stuff I'm willing to try today. The waiting involved in TTC certainly will make anyone open to new things.

Of most things suggested, this one makes the most sense for tube blockages, uterine fibroids, scarring in uterus etc, because if anyone has gone for a massage, you know how well this breaks up the knots in your muscles and relaxes you. So it seems plausible that this sort of massage could break up the tissues causing blockages, etc.

I also have digestive issues, so I'm hoping to benefit from that portion of the massage. I hope this helps you in your quest!

Key Starz said...

Why can't you do the massage whike on your period?

Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

I am unsure, but my guess is that because the massage breaks up adhesions and things of that nature, it could interfere with your flow, and perhaps increase cramping.

I know there is some research that supports having sex on your period can increase the likelihood of infection, and perhaps endometriosis.

Davidjohn said...

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!