Sunday, July 18, 2010

4 weeks along!

So, today symptoms are very fatigued, backache, cramps, nausea (off and on, mostly afternoon/evening), BAD heartburn (sometimes), frequent urination, extreme dizziness, boobs more sore and shortness of breath.

I also seem to be having MORE heart palpitations than I usually have from my heart condition.

Today, I told my good friend DeAnna that I'm pregnant. She and I already had loose plans today and when she called and asked what I wanted I asked to go to a craft store, because I know she LOVES crafts and I thought I could you know, say I wanted to look at scrapbooking or stamping and then point to a baby theme and ask if it would be good for announcing my pregnancy.

Well, we got there and it was mostly fabric. She is on a big sewing kick so of course we started looking at the fabrics. There just happened to be a crib display with a really cute blanket. We were looking at it and she mentioned how she couldn't wait to start sewing for my baby. So I said yeah, I couldn't either and she better get started soon. She immediately picked up and after confirming it, showing her a pic of my BFP tests (yeah, I have them on my phone, who doesn't?) we just had an nice afternoon talking about what clothes she wants to make. 

She REALLY wants me to have a girl, but for some reason a girl just feels wrong when I think about this baby. It just might be wishful thinking, and you know I would LOVE a girl...I just don't feel that this baby is. I'm not sure really why. It's hard to think of the baby generically. 

Excerpt from Your Pregnancy Week by Week for 4 Weeks:

Environmental Pollutants and Pregnancy
Drinking water may contain lead if your home has brass faucets, lead pipes or lead solder on copper pipes. You can call your state health department; ask them to test your water. Running water for 30 seconds before you use it can help reduce levels of lead; cold water contains less lead than hot water. In addition, if you use crystal goblests with any regularlity, be aware that lead crystal contains lead, and you might be exposed this way. And be aware that some scented candles have wicks that contain lead, so avoid these during pregnancy.
Arsenic may be hiding outdoors in your back yard, which may cause problems during pregnancy. Furniture, decks and play sets made from pressure-treated lumber may be preserved with chromated copper arsenate. This chemical was banned in 2004 but may still be present in some situations. Wash your hands thoroughly after you've been outside, and protect picnic tables with tablecloths when you eat on them. A polyurethane sealant applied once a year can help protect you from arsenic exposure.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!