Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First OB appointment

So today I had my first appt with an OB at my current OB's practice. She was very nice and answered a lot of my questions. Thankfully she agreed to do two betas  So I had one drawn today and will go back to the lab on Wednesday to have the second beta drawn.

DH is soooo impatient. He texted while I was in the appt and then after wanting to know NOW. I had to call him and explain how the betas work. I wonder if he was thinking it was like a urine test that only takes a few minutes.

Well, apparently it was his Mom that was really impatient. Eventually MIL called me. I explained to her how it works and that maybe I could call in the morning to see if I could get the results. If not I'll ask for them Wednesday when I go for my second draw.

The only thing about the appt is that I mentioned how I had a lot of ovary pain since my previous menstrual cycle and she mentioned I should look out for signs of an ectopic.

BUT, I'm convinced that the left ovary pain I am having is something else entirely. I had severe abdominal pain after I O'd in June. It became kind of a dull ache and then after I O'd it started to be more painful. And I'm completely positive that I O'd on my right for my BFP cycle. I had the O pain there and everything. Plus, I don't think twins run in my family so I really doubt that I would have O'd on both.

This is what I must tell myself in order to be calm and positive. Plus it is true. But now I am really aware of my abdomen and any little ache or pain. 

So, technically today's quote is from week 5, but as it seems pertinent to the topic I thought I'd include it today. Most italics, underlines, and bolding are my own.

Week 5 Your Pregnancy Week by Week:

Symptoms of an Ectopic Pregnancy:
* cramps Yes
* tenderness in the lower abdomen sorta
* bleeding or brown spotting seems to be more related to cervical irritation
* shoulder pain, caused by blood from the ruptured tube irritating the peritoneum in the area between the chest and stomach NO
* nausea Yes
* low-back pain Yes
* low blood pressure Yes

Diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy
It may be difficult for your doctor to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy because many of the same symptoms can be present in a normal pregnancy. To test for an ectopic pregnancy, HCG is measured. The test is called a quantitative HCG. The level of HCG increases rapidly in a normal pregnancy and doubles in value about every 2 days. If HCG levels do not increase as they should, an abnormal pregnancy is suspected. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the woman may have a high HCG level with no sign by ultrasound of a pregnancy inside the uterus

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dragondreamer said...

Melissa, you and your little one are in my prayers. have faith that all will be well.

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!