Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AF has landed!

Well, AF has finally come, after 5 or more days of leaving her calling card. It's kind of nice, I get a bit of a countdown to AF. This time at least her breadcrumbs weren't super big. The spotting still started about 5 days ago but was not very noticeable.

That's relieving. I forgot my night dose of progesterone and wonder if that was one reason AF battered through the front door.

BUT, I nearly didn't go in for work. If I didn't have the on-call pager with me, I probably would've stayed home. I was so NAUSEOUS when I was driving in, but it got better throughout the day. I think the Midol was really what helped.

So, cycle analysis time! Very early O (for me) at CD13....was CD14 but I reported Watery CM around my regular O-time and it shifted back because of that. Overall a pretty chart. My EWCM was weeeeiiird though. It was like sticky, but completely CLEAR! I guess like the feel of rubber cement but super clear. NO cloudiness whatsoever.

Well, I had really weird TWW symptoms. Totally Gassy the whole time. BB pain was strange. Started in armpits and at one point was so painful, almost as much when I was pregnant it made me wonder.

That's the worst part. I must have had nearly ZERO chance of pregnancy, but that didn't stop my brain from wondering hmmmm, what if?

So much that I took 3 of my new 10 mIU pregnancy tests, just cause. That's literally flushing money down the toilet! (but only .98 cents apiece, so not that pricey).

Well, hopefully I'll be able to improve my LPD. I fear though that my particular brand is from poor FSH stimulation in the Follicular phase instead of progesterone deficiency. Time will tell.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!