Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Review of The Keeper/Moon Cup

So, you might have read a post of mine a few weeks ago about buying a Menstrual Cup to replace my pads. I chose the Moon Cup--which is the silicone version of The Keeper (made of natural gum rubber or latex). I'm not necessarily allergic to latex, but I liked the idea of a clear one and just in case I was and since the prices were the same, I thought, why not? Here is a picture of the Moon Cup  and the Keeper

So, I did finally start spotting/bleeding enough to give this thing a whirl. I chose Size B (Before Childbirth). The first few times I think I didn't have it in exactly right b/c it still leaked to my undies, but after using it a few times I think I found out how to make it work. I may still have to practice some more, but it seemed to reduce to leaking only so that it showed on toilet paper or not at all.

I was curious how I was going to measure how much of a flow I had. The fullest it has gotten after 8 hours in was 1/4 full. Also, and this may be TMI----I'm on Amoxicillin for my sinus infection and according to TCOYF it is the BEST way to produce EWCM. So, I usually have just a pinky nails worth of blood and the rest is EWCM....very interesting. I decided to wear a pad one day so I could compare the flow---I would say I was having very light flow (almost just heavy spotting as it was inconsistent throughout the day). I did really miss my Moon Cup when I went back to my maxis. Back to feeling like wearing a diaper.

Oh, and when I first started using it I insanely decided to cut just a little of the stem, but either didn't have sharp enough scissors or the the tip was wrong b/c every time it left a jagged edge. So I ended up having to cut the stem off completely! It really wasn't that bothersome before I cut it and I do think it helped with removal a lot.  Also, now that I have no stem I will have to get a little dirtier than I might have with the stem intact.

I would say if you have ever used an OB tampon (without an applicator) that it is about the same. But if you really just can't imagine sticking your fingers anywhere near your hoo-ha (especially when AF is in town) then this might not be your product.

I will say that I needed to experiment to find the right position to insert it. I find it is easiest in the shower now. Of course in public I'll end up having to do it on the toilet so I'm practicing that way a lot. I think I still need more practice getting it in far enough to be comfortable, but it would have helped perhaps to have not cut off the stem.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and am glad to be saying Buh-bye to pads/tampons forever! I highly recommend it.  

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!