Friday, February 22, 2013

CBEFM Stick analysis time!

As I near April 2013 (6 month mark past last depo provera shot), I am starting to see more regular cycles. For now, "regular cycles" mean that I have a very, very light flow for about 5-7 days (usually with spotting beforehand) and that my cycles are now lasting more than 21 days and under 44. I need this range because otherwise, my CBEFM is useless to me.

*Check the fine print ladies, CBEFMs are calibrated to work for cycles that have a length between 21-44 days.

Anyhow, in the past few months since I stopped depo provera shot, I've been taking the occasional CBEFM test stick to see if my LH line is even there. Most cycles, it has been MIA. I started taking tests yesterday, and welllllll.......

Here are my two tests from CD13 and CD14 (I started late because I believe I will ovulate later in my cycle per previous ones).  I was ill recently, and had to discard or just didn't take some temps due to fever. My current temps are average post-O temps for me, but if you look at the pics from my current cycle vs the one below from around this time last year, there IS an LH line (far left, closest to the wick).  This gives me hope that I may ovulate this cycle, or perhaps despite my fever ovulated during my illness. Although it is common for our bodies to postpone O if we get sick too close to O date.

Current Cycle (2/01/2013)
CBEFM Cycle  2/01/13 photo 85e5f8dc-18cd-4c45-b303-44c5dc6baf70_zpsb6b03769.jpg

I took the above photo while CD 14 was still drying. CD 13 and CD 14 looked about the same when wet, but it is hard to see CD13 in the photo.

Test stick on 02/28/12
 photo 894dd7a6.jpg

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!