Monday, August 30, 2010

11DPO....Spotting alert and iffy temps!

So far, I've made it through far. Last night I had restless sleep and I woke up around 3:30AM. I had to pee and somehow just knew that I'd started bleeding....well sorta. I went to the bathroom and it was just spotting. So, I was expecting full-fledged AF in the morning. Got up, still just spotting. All day, just spotting. Also, I couldn't fall asleep right away and by the time I did I got restless sleep. It was cold in my bedroom but I felt hot under the covers.

So, I marked Sleep Deprived on my FF chart b/c I technically went back to bed less than three hours before I took my temp. Normally when this happens, your temp is a little higher than it would have been. However, every time this seems to have happened to me my temp has done the opposite of what was expected (plummeted). However, my temp DID go up and it was so confusing to me that it did what it should have done that for most of the morning I was thinking it had done the wrong thing again (because it is not my norm).

It's now 7:00PM and as of my last check, still just spotting. Steady spotting, but nowhere near enough to be considered a flow. Today I had a really runny/stuffy nose and was sooo tired from not sleeping the night before. And a headache. I hate PMS!

I'm really cramping now, so I think that I'll end getting my period either tonight or tomorrow....It would be nice if it lasts until 12DPO b/c then I would have a somewhat normal LP. But I might still take the B6 I bought for next cycle, just in case.

Oh, and I broke down and bought my DREAM BBT! BD Digital Basal Thermometer
It was only 9 dollars total so I don't know why I hesitated. My thermometer is not bad per se, but frustrating. This BBT was designed and/or approved by Toni Weschler (author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility). The best feature for me is that it beeps WHILE it takes the temp. Since I do V-temping, it's under the covers and I hardly hear mine, which is very quiet. I'm hoping it doesn't disturb DH, but I'm thinking b/c of the covers it should only be heard by me. Also, it has a LIGHTED display, so when it's really dark in the morning I could enter my temp right away if I wanted. It also has one temp memory so I can always record it when I get up. I just got an email it shipped today. I'm hoping that it gets here soon enough that I can use it for the next cycle. Cool!

On a side note, I tried to get my passport today, but the *only* thing I didn't have was a valid birth certificate. I was hoping the ancient copy I had would fly, but it didn't, so now I have to get an "official" copy. It has to be the FULL form too, they make a short version but that won't work for passports apparently.

I'll keep you posted with an update tomorrow. I'm fairly certain the witch will show, it's just a matter of time. Thank y'all for the support. I know this AF will be rough and I do want to get my period, but I fear besides being in more than usual physical pain that it will bring back all of the emotions of the miscarriage. But I think it will be closure for me.

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Ms. Polka Dottie said...

My LP is 11 days most times. That thermometer sounds so cool. I'd love one that lights up, instead of using my cell phone to read it.LMAO

Praying your AF will be quickly over. ((((Melissa)))

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!