Tuesday, March 1, 2011

IPS (Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms) from hell!!!!!

Well, I've been a bit silent since my 6DPO post due to two things:

  1. DH was freaking out (again) over how much I share on the 'net. Admittedly, if WE are pregnant it will be joint effort although I will do much of the incubating and he should have a say in when and how it is revealed.
  2. I had no friggin' clue what my cycle was doing!!
If symptoms could truly confirm pregnancy, I would have had my BFP. I had of course tested early on Valentine's Day (8DPO) as the POAS addict that I am. I delayed testing again until 11 DPO (it is amazing the effect of spending extra moolah on the tests has on your willpower!). Mostly with FRER, but at first had the CBE digi HPT. Anyhoo, still BFNs. By 12-14DPO I had been spotting for--no lie--6 days. Wasn't sure what to call it. I was giving up.

THEN, driving home from the GI doc, INTENSE nausea that did not diminish much after a bowel movement. Also, from that day on (and still) I've had intense sense of smell. Changed my sense of taste a bit too. This gave me hope. These were two symptoms I had my last pregnancy (a bit early on the nausea, but I wasn't really near vomiting, REALLY).

Still no BFP on my home preggo tests. If you remember, I was due to have another Cardiac MRI on Friday. I wasn't sure if the MRI itself was dangerous, but I was pretty sure the contrast dye they used was not so helpful. To give it extra time, I called and moved it again. This time I asked the lab advice on possible pregnancy. They advised a beta and they would not do the test. When I called the Heart Dr.'s office, they said though that it shouldn't prohibit the WHOLE test, but just to have no contrast. We were having a lot of snow that week, so I kept that changed appt time. 

So, THIS Friday (March 4th), I'll be finally heading in for this Cardiac MRI. I'm 98% certain I ain't preggo. (always a little doubt when TTCing, right?). I am still at a loss for my intensified symptoms. Not only have I had continued increased sense of smell (despite a stuffy nose!), my temps have been wavering around my coverline, breasts have had a different level of tenderness, and slight dizzy spells. Backaches were increasing too, but that could be me missing the chiropractor due to snow. 

At some point I just wondered if taking Vitex (Chasteberry) for just a week had some sort of impact. ALSO, when I started gaining hope I decided to help it out by taking some progesterone cream. I think I took too much and this is the true culprit of my "symptoms".

Ah well, if I can get this Cardiac MRI done then maybe I can find out what is happening there, if needed change meds and really jump on the TTC bandwagon!

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!