Saturday, April 2, 2011

Santa Baby?

BD'd today, so got genuine BD on O-3 and O. DTD on O-1, but the only possibility would be pre-ejaculate, and even if there were some (and I doubt it) there would have been so little that the KY may have killed it off. 

But,  it's enough. My BFP cycle we only DTD twice, on O-1 and O, so this is similar. I think the thing is that I wonder if this is what a normal girl's "fertile cycle" is like.

It's been so different for me. I usually have a bit of sticky CM, then sticky/creamy, then creamy/watery or creamy/EWCM. And it is usually scant. I don't want picture perfect CM but I just would like something that doesn't look like I'm producing two different kinds at once!

Also, I usually only get bb pain, increased sense of smell, and backache starting no more than the day before O and leading up to AF gradually increasing bb and back pain, others tend to fall away. Plus a few days after O is when the breakouts occur. But THIS time, it coincided with my picture perfect EWCM (that I made without EPO or Mucinex!!). It just seems like my body's been out of sync and now everything is working the way it ought to be.

So even if I don't get a Santa baby, I'm hopeful that this is a positive change that will eventually lead to my BFP. Hey, maybe Cheri22 will be right and I'll get a June BFP! But I wouldn't mind if she was off by a few months.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!