Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Update on the move

Well folks, if you're still hanging around and checking for updates, I thank you. I may have not posted here about this, but in April DH and I finally started moving forward with plans to move back to TX. Unfortunately, our apt lease was until OCT, so we agreed at the time that he would go down at that time to start his business, and I would join him later. Sooner if I could find a job. It's been a tough few months and eventually with my parents help, we started moving forward with getting me and our stuff down there.

So, the last two weeks I have been packing with a great deal of help from family and friends. Without them, I may not have made it on time as I had a brief hospital stay after going to the ER with some concerning symptoms.  The doctors cleared me of anything life threatening and I really think it's mostly due to extreme stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Hopefully as far as TTC is concerned this will put an end to our enforced WTTC and put us on a track to start actively TTC. I do have to have an initial appt with my  cardiologist in August to look forward to.

I'm fairly certain this cycle is dead in the water. I haven't seemed to O yet according to my chart, but last cycle it didn't confirm until 5DPO. But I also wouldn't be surprised if due to the extreme stress I've been under gearing up for the move that O has been set back a bit. It may be too much to hope that O will happen after July 1st when I fly to TX, so I'll settle for another month of NTNP or so while we get settled back in the house, etc. It may not be until August that I get a chance to start back on my CBEFM (Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor) to start tracking O more precisely.

And once I move I'll pick a specific wake-up time to temp by. My current wake time is 7:10AM, but the last few weeks I tend to be awake anywhere from 5AM-6:30AM  to pee, so I end up taking it early. I may have to pick an earlier time, maybe 6AM. This chart looks ok, but majority of the temps have been adjusted. I know I shouldn't change them all, but I worry what it would look like without them around the same time. I may experiment and see what it would look like to change all the temps to the times/temps they were actually taken. Maybe my O would have been seen by now!

Time will tell. For now, here is a video of my last packing prep before the movers came

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!