Sunday, September 18, 2011

4DPO today!

Ok, so I know I have not been sharing much with you guys lately. I really need to jump back on my blogging bandwagon, because it is fun! So, this cycle in summary, I had 2 days of potential BD in the fertile cycle, one of which was the day after O, so it might as well not count, the chances are that low.  The other was about 4 days before O, so not great chances there either.

However, still a chance. And what is encouraging to me is that I do think I have finally had a picture perfect cycle. Now if only it will get me my picture perfect BFP! I've had such classic CM progression. It went from dry to sticky to watery/creamy to EWCM....and I had at least FOUR days of EWCM!!! The one BD before O was also on the 1st day of EWCM. Also, I checked my cervix this cycle and I got a very high soft, medium open cervix the day or two before O.

Then, the day after I O'd I went from swimming in EWCM to dry by the end of the day! It was magical. And my temps! They have NOT been their usual pattern, but in this case I think it is good. My pre-O temps have gotten back in the low 97s like they did right around my pregnancy last July (2010). And my post-O instead of slowly climbing up, I had one spike of .7 on 1DPO, then another .5 on 2 DPO....I didn't get my fall-back temp until today!!!

So, here's my 4 DPO update for today!

So, 4DPO--
As traditional with me, symptoms are more severe in the evening. Most notable are dull aching/cramping in pelvis--not quite like AF, although today's were a bit stronger. Sometimes I just can't tell if it's constipation or actual cramping though.  Metallic taste in the mouth is continuing.And spotting that's was very scant and more like a brownish watery residue....not my usual at all. Temp went down slightly...I guess I'll call that my fall-back. I've had one as late as 5 DPO, but this one was slight--only .2 degrees. 
Mood---don't get me started, let's go with Moody. Although to be honest, I"m just pulling out of a depressed mood, and so a lot of it is that more than anything. I'm fine most of the day then get into a sullen mood with DH because he kept criticizing my choice of steak for the party.  He's just SO particular, but I was trying to save MONEY! Which he's always harping on! Anyway, he finally confronted me with an apology for his surly mood earlier (we were both gems today). Then I had to explain to him what about his behavior I found so upsetting. Not so much the surliness, but constant criticism when I do things FOR him. 
Ok, still not quite over that one I see. He did apologize and we made up, but not before I became a crying mess! 


Maria said...

I have everything crossed for you!

Melissa said...

Thank you. That means a lot. ((hugs))

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!