Monday, August 29, 2011

Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test by

Sooo, I was looking through my inbox and got the monthly Early Pregnancy newsletter featuring their August sales. (Seems a little late for sales at the END of the month). Anyway, a new test caught my eye. The Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test. Sounds intriguing, right?  Apparently, this test is like FIVE pregnancy tests in one. The design is to give you a better indication of where you may be in your pregnancy (or at least what levels of hCG can be detected in your urine at the time). Here is a picture to tease you with...
Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test
So, I haven't purchased this yet, as it is $25.00 regular (on sale for 19.95). Meaning to me that this is not a test I buy to SEE if I'm pregnant, but after a BFP is confirmed by cheaper means, this test would give me the luxury of determining AT home, what range my hCG could be detected in my urine.

For an infertile woman, this is priceless. How many of us anxiously await the phone call from our doctors with our beta hCG levels? Wondering how high they are?

Now granted, this would not replace the exact definitions of a blood beta hCG serum, but for most of us girls, the comfort of being able to tell if our levels were falling BEFORE the lab processes the results, sends them to the doctor's office, nurse receives and manages to call us with them.....well, might be priceless comfort for a girl in her 1st trimester.

So, one day, maybe, if I do get a BFP on more traditional HPT, I might buy one of these suckers. But at $19.95 a pop, I'd really want to need to use it...I mean if my Doctor is going to do a beta, I would most likely only use this after the 1st one or if I feared m/ see if the levels were dropping*.

*note--this test and the beta may not make a good comparison as the urine does not transmit as much of the hCG as the blood. So, it would only be an "estimate" of the change---even if lower it could mean no appreciative drop since the two means of testing are so different.*

Anyway, it's a cool idea, and I can see why one would be so expensive...essentially it's 5 tests, of varying hCG levels, plus the packaging.'s a lot. Not to say I haven't at LEAST thrown that much towards 50+ pregnancy tests that have all been negative in the last few weeks, but, still...when it's all at once on ONE test....don't know.

The way it works is you dip the test in urine...each of the 5 tests should get a purple control line. Then, if you have at least the amount of hCG in your urine, a line would appear on each test that has this much urine or less. The 5 levels are from least to greatest mIU levels: 25, 100, 500, 2000, 10000.

So, if you had more than 100 mIU hcg detectable in your urine, but less than 500, you would only see test lines on the 25 and 100 tests. Unfortunately, this means the higher you go that your level can be in a range that increases from 75, to 400, to 1500, to 8000.

Still, it's a step closer for women fearing miscarriage to see if their hCG levels are rising or falling. Or at least to give the1st trimester mamas some peace of mind.


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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!