Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Benefits of utilizing an infertility consultant

Check out my most recent article on as the Austin Infertility and Miscarriage Examiner, Benefits of utilizing an infertility consultant. This article shows you what an infertility consultant is and how one can help you in pursuing successful conception and birth. I had the privilege of interviewing Mindy Berkson, of Lotus Blossom Consulting, LLC about the benefits of using an infertility consultants.

One thing Mindy emphasized over and over was that although adding the consultant fee it was a larger cost upfront, that infertility consultants will work to ensure you get the most of your "infertility dollar" so to speak by helping you get the best treatment available so that it takes you fewer cycles to conceive AND sets you up for adding to your family later by preparing eggs/embryos to be stored. As she recommends, this can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the IVF process (or third-party reproduction) when you choose to add to your family.

Now, I too can suffer from that hesitancy to put out a large amount on something in hopes of a long-term reward. Especially now that I still have no full-time job or regular insurance benefits. It's like a gamble--do I put forward a lot of money now, in hopes that it will save me later, or do I spend less on something that might also work to save? It is frustrating because we always seem to remember the times that we chose to lay out a lot and didn't get the savings or result we wanted. But what about the times we invest in something cheaper to get quantity, but end up having to purchase that item/service again and again, with the result that we spend as much or more than the more expensive item? Or worse yet, the product simply doesn't do what it proposes or has a negative effect based on what you intend to use it for? It is those times that I usually end up giving up on the higher priced item because I have already put so much towards the cheaper, less effective one.

Unless it is something worth it. Something very important to my health, comfort or safety that is a need rather than a want. I guess when I think of it in relationship to trying to have a baby, would I rather wander blindly through the maze of infertility treatments and hope I get a good outcome right away or hire someone who knows the way and can help me reach that goal sooner.

It is a tough decision, and I'm hopeful that I can find one to help me when my active TTC efforts resume. Like anything though, it is a joint effort, so I'll have to get DH on board too!

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!