Saturday, February 25, 2012

Royal Jelly Smoothie!

So, Friday I skipped my Royal Jelly dose, partly because I was in a hurry, and because I'm having an issue with the taste. I finally tried it in a smoothie, and yum! I have one of those "mini-blenders" that I can put just enough for one. So I throw in a few of may favorite fruits, a few cubes of ice, a spoon of peanut butter and almond milk. Yum! Of course, if you're smart and have frozen fruit, you can skip the ice! I think I'll love taking my RJ this way!

Otherwise, I've been having a huge rise in hormonal symptoms during my period. Breast tenderness, cramping, bloating, fatigue, etc....but as soon as my period stopped, I started feeling so much better! Perhaps this is just my body regulating on the Bee Fertile supplements and RJ, but I hope it stays stable. I've been riding the TTC rollercoaster so long, and I'd just like it to have a few less rises and dips.

Right now, CD5/6, period is gone and gearing up to ovulate. Will also use my CBEFM and maybe give the Sperm Meets Egg plan another shot!

Disclaimer: These supplements were provided to me at no cost, but all opinions are my own. Believe me, I will give you the good, bad, and in-between with an unvarnished eye.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!