Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stupid craving! And other ways I convince myself I'm pregnant on my period.

Cravings. They get us every time. Many women have the traditional chocolate or potato chip craving (or chocolate covered potato chips, nom nom nom). For me, it is usually fried food. Often I will crave crab rangoon, my fave guilty pleasure at Chinese restaurants. This was mostly when I lived near a Chinese restaurant that I would pass every day on my way to work. Sometimes it's anything fried, and sometimes only the thing I crave will satisfy. Lately, I've been so off sweets when I'm not on my LP/AF, that it is only in my TWW or on my period that I actually enjoy chocolate or really sweet stuff.

The point of this, is that for some reason this LP, my body decided to give me a yen for ice cream sandwiches. Just the plain vanilla, ice cream sandwich. My mouth just started watering at the thought. And because this, and other symptoms have carried over OR increased into my period, I keep getting that niggling thought that says--"Maybe you're pregnant! Your flow is so light, it could be a really heavy IB. Remember your friend had that happen!" So let's look at the "I'm pregnant" vs. "I'm on my period" arguments.

For formatting sake, we'll start with:

Reasons I believe I am pregnant:

  1. Continued, specific cravings for ONE sweet thing, while detesting all other sweets.
  2. Loss of appetite/get full fast--I just don't want much. 
  3. Fatigue/exhaustion
  4. Flow is still on the lighter side. AF was later than I thought, and it takes a whole day to fill my menstrual cup.
  5. Some heartburn at night (although I have IBS, this is a more uncommon symptom for me), as well as  small moments of nausea. Fleeting really.
  6. Moments of boob pain and especially sharp pain in glands in the back of my arms.
  7. Still have a frequent urge to pee.
Reasons why I'm on my period:
  1. Craving something in particular is a VERY common period symptom for me.
  2. Appetite change I am experiencing is very likely the result of the RJ and Bee Fertile Supplements
    1. RJ often gives me loss of appetite, especially at first
    2. Vitex/Chasteberry can  exacerbate my depression, often first seen through appetite changes, such as loss of appetite.
  3. Fatigue--where to start?
    1. Recently ill, unable to get adequate rest this weekend, went to bed late past 3 nights. 
    2. Vitex--often causes fatigue as part of worsening potential depressive symptoms
  4. Flow is still heavy enough to be my period. I've had recent cycles with varying flow. Also, not even a hint of  a positive on my pregnancy tests 2 days into my period (yes, you read it right, after)
  5. I ate a LOT of junk food this weekend and some spicy. Heartburn has been quite light too. IBS is all funky, so, could be just that. Plus I have some weird painful pit in my stomach--I hope I don't have an ulcer. 
  6. The logical explanation is that after my initial dip in progesterone, the remaining amount filtering out as my estrogen rises is continuing the occasional boob soreness and gland pain. Also, the RJ might be causing this, as I remember having early boob soreness lasting well into my period.
  7. For 12 months now, my symptoms seem to intensify and/or change well into my period. I should know this is my pattern now.
Despite all of the 7 excellent and sensible reasons I have listed supporting that this is JUST another AF, I still have an urge to test. Because my last BFN was using afternoon urine. I guess we'll see what I do tomorrow!

Disclaimer: These supplements were provided to me at no cost, but all opinions are my own. Believe me, I will give you the good, bad, and in-between with an unvarnished eye.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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