Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Never not temping/OPKing/CBEFMing again!

This is a frustrating cycle. Well, I take that back, all cycles when you're TTCing are frustrating. But it has been so long since I haven't been tracking my ovulation, that having to figure out when to test or at least when to expect AF is maddening. Factor in a strong evap a few days ago, and I'm wavering between being convinced I'm miraculously pregnant a month after depo provera shot expired---and knowing it's just AF f*cking with me.

Anyhow, to try and batten down the insanity, I'm remembering the TCOYF rule regarding high temps after O--18 high temps or more after O---you're pregnant!  Now, for the uninformed who have not been or don't know how to track ovulation, and are wondering when to test for pregnancy, this rule is very helpful. Essentially, if you want to test for pregnancy and AF hasn't arrived, wait about 18-19 days after last having intercourse to test.  Super long to wait, especially since most LPs are 12-14 days long.

Of course, I've had some regular intervals of BD spaced about 7 days apart. I tested recently about 14 days after BD session 1.  That was when I got the evap. Since I've had no darkening of tests, I'm figuring it for a fluke.....but then pregnancy paranoia kicks in.  I think "but it's only about 4-6 days after BD session 2. Maybe it's a really, really sensitive batch"  But then, I start getting spotting more regularly now. And cramping. And though my regular symptoms are still occurring, the intensity is less--sometimes I don't feel symptoms, then they come back. I think a sign that my progesterone is declining and I am most likely on the Red Train to AF town.

Ah well.


AuntMimi said...

This was helpful for me because this is the first cycle I've been temping and so far it's been 8 days past the positive OPK. I was thinking test at 14DPO but what your saying is that even if I get a BFN then, if I don't get AF, I should test again at 18DPO.


Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

You betcha! Really isn't over until AF shows her ugly face, but sometimes it seems like she likes to give us hope by staying away a little longer than usual to sucker us into testing, even after spotting and the millionth BFN that cycle.

If you haven't checked out TCOYF yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! You can learn a lot of charting info on Fertility Friend and other sites, but this book gives advanced tips and knowledge. I consider the photo insert of different types of CM essential. I might sometimes reference it to see if what I have is closer to creamy or sticky. It even shows 3 pics for each type. Most of the time when I answer someone's question on charting, I've looked in that book.

Anyhow, all of this to say, if Toni Weschler says 18 high temps after O equals pregnant, I believe it! Of course this can be open to human error, equipment failure, etc. like anything in temping.

If a woman is 18 days past confirmed O, and not pregnant by some reliable test, there's something else going on.

Thank you for your comment, and I'm glad it helped!

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!