Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dong Quai--effectiveness and PMS symptoms, but no menses yet.

I haven't updated lately on what it was like to use Dong Quai for hormone balancing. I will have to say that I felt great while taking Dong Quai. I had no allergy symptoms and after a week or two I started noticing symptoms of ovulation. I had heightened sense of smell, sore boobs, sore gums, gassiness, frequent urination, and backache.

Since most sources say not to take Dong Quai after ovulation, I decided to stop it, as I was hopeful that these symptoms meant ovulation may have occurred. I also noticed that I spotted for 5-6 days--I was sure AF was on her way, but then one day the spotting just stopped. About a few days later, the PMS symptoms stopped. I ordered a bunch of HPTs, since I haven't been tracking my ovulation hardly at all and wanted to be able to test if AF stayed away forever.

So, about a week later, my PMS type symptoms came back; most notably, horrible backaches, gassiness, frequent urination, and tingling/sensitive boobs. So I started taking HPTs. The first one was clearly negative. The second one I took appeared to have an evap line. I've taken Wondfo ICs before, and rarely get so much as a shadow. Here is the first IC I took with an evap.

8DF00E54, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Very clear evap, turned up within 10 minutes.  But since then, very, very faint lines and no darkening. So I think it was an evap. But it doesn't help that I have had sore boobs and backaches around that time. Since then, the symptoms have faded somewhat, but still no AF. I am really thinking of starting the Dong Quai again. I miss it and I really don't think I am pregnant. I really ought to start temping again, so I can know whether or not I have ovulated. That could help immensely.

Since I haven't known, I've been testing about 12-14 days past a session of BD that I think could be around ovulation time. I still have one that I'm only 10 days past. At this point, I'm going to hope for some sort of AF soon (with full flow, not spotting for a week). Maybe by Friday? Please!

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!