Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Using the moon to regulate your cycle and improve your fertility *Update*

Years ago, when I was first trying to conceive, I talked with a woman online that creates Natal Moon Charts that will show the time you are most fertile and most likely to conceive based on where you were born, your birthday and mother's age. (I think on the last one).  I'll go ahead and post my Natal Moon Chart as an example in case you're wondering. You can go to this Astrology Study blog post for an explanation of how a natal moon chart is configured.

I know for some people, using astrology or other science based in the movements of stars and planets seems hokey and fake. I don't believe I'll ever be one to check my horoscope to see how my day will turn out. But, if the moon can change the ocean's tides, I think there must be some truth to how our environment--including the moon/sun/stars affect us.

So, needless to say I am open to various remedies, but as always will turn a critical eye to it to see whether it may be effective or what I need.  Recently, at a natural fertility web site introduced the concept of Lunaception--using the natural moonlight cycle to reset the fertility clock on the menstrual cycle. Since an irregular cycle is one thing I often have had, this appeals to me greatly.

This was based on an original book written in the '70's by Louise Lacey. She explains how women's menstrual cycles have followed the cues of the sun and moon for the average lunar cycle of 28-ish days (that's what the medical misconception is based on!) She also explains how to get a woman's menstrual cycle that has been disrupted by artificial lights and irregular sleep patterns in step with the moon's cycle.

I've been debating a post about this, but absolutely had to when Early Pregnancy flyer featured a new device called Luness. This was developed based on research by Harvard University and the US Air Force that explored the same theory put forth by Louise Lacey. This device works through the month to expose women to the gradual change in moonlight as they sleep to reset it to a regular, even cycle. Of course, I really, really want it. It could be very convenient, and is based on scientific research to use the moonlight schedule most effectively to manage your cycle.

However, since I can't afford the current price tag, I may settle for downloading a copy of Lunaception as it is more affordable!

Well my lovelies, if this sounds interesting to you, check it out in the form of your choice! Good luck in all of your fertility goals and ventures.

--> Also, in perusing the Luness website, it appears that they have an app for the iPhone that will use the phone's retina display to project light at differing intensity and color on the schedule of the moon at a significantly reduced price from the device. 

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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