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My review of the Full Embrace Pregnancy Program

This is my review of the Full Embrace Pregnancy Success Program, by Diana Farrell, MA, a psychologist who developed this program for herself to enable her to successfully conceive at age 40! Diana's program does not promise a quick fix, but does assure effectiveness. She acknowledges that there are many barriers to a couples' fertility and that is why her book is a comprehensive evaluation of how to improve male and female fertility alike. She shows you how to make small, everyday changes to your daily habits, eating, tracking of your fertility and even when and how to incorporate the help of Western medicine.

I was drawn to her eBook as she shows clinical research studies that support her recommendations and advice. She also has plenty of anecdotes of other couples that have tried her system and found success.

When a couple or person seeking to build their family encounters struggles, they may spend hours of time researching natural methods, techniques and appropriate medical interventions that will assist them in their efforts in achieving pregrancy.

It can be difficult to separate techniques or treatments based on clinical research, anecdotal evidence, and those that may be incorrect or ineffective information. One route can be finding a comprehensive book that addresses the concerns of people with infertility on how to naturally improve their chances of conception, but also offers research supporting their methods.

This is one reason I would recommend The Full Embrace Pregnancy Success Program by Diana Farrell, M.A.

Diana Farrell not only has credentials as a women’s health author and psychologist, but she has also experienced infertility herself. As many of you reading this are likely struggling with difficulty to conceive yourselves, you know how driven you can become to find a solution.

Diana Farrell used her substantial knowledge, resources, and connections in the health industry to find a way to overcome her fertility problems – and she succeeded, as you learn in the very first chapter – by employing the very same methods she outlines in her book. Her own personal journey informs this program with not only potent sound advice, but with a heart that can only come from someone who has been there and understands.

This program combines the power of natural methods with the latest developments of Western medicine. This is why it is called the Full Embrace approach, instead of giving a one-sided view toward either natural or medical methods to improve fertility or conception; she shows you how to use both to increase your odds of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

Here are important components about the Full Embrace Pregnancy Success program that make it an efficient and effective way for a couple to improve their fertility and chances of success when using medical interventions.

1.    You’ll find information that addresses both male and female fertility. Since around 40% of couples have trouble getting pregnant because of issues with sperm, this is an important factor that increases her eBook’s value.

2.    Diana offers bonuses that are fully integrated with her primary system, unlike other programs that seem to tack extras on as an afterthought to try to get someone to buy the book. She provides a recipe book that allows you a way to apply the fertility nutrition tips she provides. The planner and journal are really essential to making the whole "plan your own program" aspect of this system work. And the yoga and meditation guides flow into the program seamlessly.

3.    A highlight for me is how Diana includes research in her program that backs up the methods she describes. This makes it really helpful to understand why she includes everything she does in her book and is a great resource for further study if there is something in there that really sparks your interest that you want to pursue further.

6.    If you want a book that tells you to take one miracle supplement and be cured instantly, this program may not be effective for you. But if you find the goal of achieving pregnancy worthwhile, you will be prepared to follow Diana Farrell’s system to take control and give yourself a real shot at having a baby.

The fact is the book is packed with techniques and methods to either enhance both women’s and men’s fertility or to stop doing or taking things that may be hurting one’s fertility. Whether you do some or all of them is a personal choice, and who knows which set of choices will be the ones that you need to get you pregnant.

By “embracing” western medical techniques with alternative, eastern, and homeopathic fertility enhancing methods, Diana Farrell’s Full Embrace Pregnancy Success Program puts itself above the vast field of similar books that typically only offer alternative approaches.
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