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Wrapping up the Bee Fertile reviews

So, I am going to sum up the changes in my cycle since starting the Bee Fertile Supplements. It is best for me to wait to do so, because right when AF shows, I'm usually very emotional and maybe not the most objective.  That being said, I want to look at Bee Fertile based on two factors: 1) What I hoped to occur for my own cycle and 2) What Bee Fertile states to expect in comparison to what I did experience. 

So, for the basic details:

  1. Timeline/Cycle Data
    • Started Bee Fertile Supplements and Royal Jelly: February cycle CD1  (February 20th)
    • Number of cycles while on Bee Fertile: 4 (from Feb 20th cycle to Apr 30th cycle)
    • Number of documented ovulatory cycles*:  2
    • Luteal phase length of O cycles*:  9 (Feb 20) & 4 (Mar 16)
    • O dates: CD16 (for both!)
    • Anovulatory cycles:  2
    • Length of anovulatory cycles: 25 & 19
    • Length of Menses:  2/20--4 full days, 1 spotting; 3/16--5 full days; 4/05--4 full days; & 4/30--5 full days
*--Based on data from my chart.
  1. Expectations for my personal cycle
    • Continue to ovulate
    • Extend Luteal phase to at least 12-14 days without "pre-spotting"
      • Reduce number of days spotting before AF
    • Reduce severity of PMS symptoms (especially after AF)--mostly fatigue, moodiness, backache, tender breasts, etc.
    • More wish than expectation--achieve pregnancy!
  2. Expectations for changes to cycle by Bee Fertile
    • Taken from Bee Fertile's FAQ on their website,
    • Should I take BeeFertile if I am taking fertility drugs? 
      BeeFertile should not be used while taking fertility drugs like clomid. Consult your

      for further information and contraindications.
      How long do I need to take BeeFertile before I see results? 
      The BeeFertile kit was designed to give you a 3 month supply of both the supplement 
      Royal Jelly formula. We recommend that you finish the 3 month program supplied in 
      the kit 
      for maximum results. Herbs and vitamins, when taken over time, can help to benefit 
      maximize your reproductive potential. It can take 3 months or more for your body to 
      the full benefits of the BeeFertile program. For men, it can take at least 3 months or 
      more to 
      see significant results in sperm count, motility and overall sperm health.

      Are there any known side effects? 
      Bee Fertile has no known side effects. Those with extreme sensitivity to bee pollen 
      modify the Royal Jelly formula suggested use to smaller doses, to test for allergic 
      and increasing the daily amount to the normal suggested dosage, when no reaction
      If an allergic reactions occur, discontinue immediately.
      What if I miss taking BeeFertile for a day or two? 
      Although missing a day or two will not affect the overall results, it can delay them. 
      is best taken on a daily schedule versus a sporadic schedule. If you miss a day or two,
       take the 
      supplement and Royal Jelly formula as normal. Do not double-up or take more than the 
      suggested use.
      We recommend that you use the BeeFertile kit at least 6 months, which is 2 cycles 
      of the 
      BeeFertile kit, or until successful conception is achieved. BeeFertile can also be used
       by those 
      with the intention of achieving a healthy reproductive system, in which case, no minimum
      maximum is recommended.
The "statistician" in me enjoys giving you the raw data to work with so you can see what I have based my conclusions on. Or maybe point out something I have missed. 

Well, we can see 3 of my 4 expectations were blown out of the water---since I've stopped ovulating, 
naturally, achieving pregnancy and extending my luteal phase are unlikely. However, a nice 
side effect is that the raging, hormonal fluctuations have also quieted. My previous anovulatory 
symptoms seem to have returned--I primarily have itchy/bruised feeling nipples, without 
breast tenderness elsewhere and I can have some wicked moodiness in the week before I have 
my anovulatory bleed.  But I am less of a slave to my hormonal shifts than previously.  So, although 
I am now unclear if I will ovulate each cycle, I feel less like I am riding a tidal wave each month.

But, with my overall goal being to achieve pregnancy, I won't lie that two anovulatory cycles in a 
row is not more than a little disappointing. I got so depressed at the end of my last cycle (May 19th)
 that I decided to stop taking the Bee Fertile. It's been nearly 3 months--whatever it will do for me,
 it will do. I can't put any more into it.

I do also want to mention that in the time during this testing of Bee Fertile for me, I was diagnosed
 with hypothyroidism, began taking Synthroid (25 mcg), and have also started some sublingual B12
 supplements. I hope to gradually re-introduce my former regimen of Prenatal vitamin, Folic Acid,
 and B6 with added B12 vitamins. 

So, take this information, and make your own decision about Bee Fertile. I would say that it is a
viable choice for anyone hoping to improve their fertility or reproductive system. Personally, I will
 be giving it a break and may not go back to it as a supplement for my own health. 

For more information about the Bee Fertile supplement, including a nifty interactive ingredient list, 
see their website at

Disclaimer: Although the Bee Fertile supplements were provided to me at no charge, all opinions are my 
own. Trust me, I 'll give you the good, bad and in-between with an un-varnished eye!

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