Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MyMemories Suite Review and Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to download and review My Memories Suite software and will be launching a giveaway of the software to one lucky reader!
What is MyMemories Suite? It is a digital scrapbooking software to easily create and assemble photobook albums and other beautiful layouts (like blinkies!).  I am still somewhat of a novice to photo-editing software, and have found MyMemories Suite easier to use. One of the things I like is that there are hundreds of paper backgrounds, embellishments or ready-to-go themed albums that just need pictures.

Although MyMemories.com has several options for printing out bound photobooks (especially if you pick a size unlikely to fit a home printer), you are not limited to images from this software or ordering through the site to produce or share your creations. You can even choose to share them digitally in a slideshow format in a variety of ways.

There are several wonderful free kits available, and another great feature is that even after uploading an pre-loaded album or layout, you can continue to customize as you wish, changing background, colors, embellishments, text, you name it!  I was a bit worried about placing photos in the pre-set boxes, but there are two options available. Double-click the photo box and move your picture to frame accordingly, OR add your photo, edit as you wish, then drag to the box. The background will turn blue and then, Voila!, photo is instantly added! One drawback to the latter method is that it will crop the photo for you, but MyMemories offers and excellent cache of YouTube tutorials from Introductions, to specific types of layouts or embellishments.

Previously, I have only done handmade card-making and scrapbooking. Part of this has been due to how much I enjoy the act of creating a handmade card, the rest to frustration each time I tried my hand at previous digital editing and creating.

BUT, if you are someone who has more experience and expertise in photo-editing, there are also options to create your album layer by layer.  All-in-All, it seems a great software for beginners and experts alike. And here is a sample album I put together. I used a pre-made album (Inspire Me Purple) in honor of my nephew, Ismael, who will be turning 1 years old in May. I'm so excited by how well this went that I looked at other album's and am having relatives send pictures so I can perfect a photobook to present to his parents on his birthday.

Since the album was pre-made, most of the time I spent was on selecting photos and creating/editing text. I had given up handmade scrapbooking in the past due to the time it would take to complete a project. In the time it previously would take me to create one page, I put together these pages and 4 others.  

The only challenges I have had so far, were when I was trying to edit/re-size a photo box or other item, I somehow clicked on an embellishment or other item. Thank God for the undo button!  But because MyMemories has such excellent tutorials available, I don't think I'll have to muddle through alone, but could find advice or guidance there.

So, here’s some excellent news, to kick off my review, I’m hosting a giveaway, courtesy of MyMemories.com and Rafflecopter.com. Follow the directions and the winner will receive a code to download a FREE MyMemories Suite v4 program!

I’ll give y’all 4 weeks to enter before the drawing.

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