Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Acupuncture update...

I've been going to acupuncture for about 2 months now. I really enjoy going, although the needles are occasionally painful, sometimes a lot, I generally feel AMAZING afterwards. As my post in April or so showed, I did start ovulating, but after awhile I was only having 15 day cycles before I had a light flow.  This last cycle I dedicated to taking the herbal pill formulations and saw my cycle extend to 20 days or so.  Also, very little to no spotting before hand.  So, it seems I'm going in the right direction.

Also, my 5th nephew was born on Sunday! I went to see my sister with the family the last two days, and he's darling.  I even took my Sis to his first newborn appt.

I also am developing a good friendship with a woman at work who offered to be my surrogate! It was so generous, but looking into the cost, it doesn't seem possible. We are just now getting more comfortable about whether we'll meet all our bills each month, but with very poor credit, I can see no way to afford the legal and IVF fees required.  Also, even with a gestational surrogate, it is a difficult choice for many reasons.

I'm looking forward to what the acupuncture will hold.


Team Harries said...

So glad you are liking the acupuncture!!! Congrats on being an Aunt :)

AuntMimi said...

I just started going to acupuncture as well. I've heard some positive research on it. At the very least, it's helping me relax :)

Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

Thanks Team Harries!

Aunt Mimi--I feel the same. I feel very relaxed or more energetic.

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!