Saturday, June 26, 2010

A+ for attention to detail... what my OB/GYN said after seeing my chart! She was actually very interested in the program I use and when she found out it was free wrote down the name of the site. I think she's going to suggest it to patients in the future. I thought that was pretty cool.

I went today because I swear she said to check-in after I got off of the anti-psychotic. She said she doesn't think I need to have a blood test done because the whole reason for looking at the prolactin levels was because I wasn't ovulating and now that I'm ovulating there isn't an issue.

I feel really positive about the appt. She said now that I'm ovulating that I could come back in 3-4 months if I'm still not pregnant and we can discuss other options. I mentioned my short LP and the possibility of taking B6. She said she couldn't guarantee it would work, but that it certainly couldn't hurt.

We mostly talked about my other psych meds and possibility of tetragenic effects on a fetus. I explained that my psychiatrist is working on getting me to the lowest dose possible. She looked up one of my meds and because there is some link to causing neural tube defects said I need to take 4 mg (not mcg) of Folic Acid to counteract the effects of the medicine on my folate levels.

Also, I mentioned some pain I'd been having last Wednesday. I was in horrible pain, severe backache, abdominal pains all day, and it seems concentrated on my left side now. Also some slight nausea off and on on Wednesday. She thinks it is possibly a ruptured ovarian cyst (most likely the corpus luteum from when I O'd). She said that if it doesn't continue to get better to set up and appt with her or my PCP next week. That's kind of a relief because I thought it might be kidney related.

So I guess I'm back at the station, waiting to board the O train! I think I'm more excited this cycle than for any I have been before! Most likely because I think it a strong possibility that I'll O and I'm hopeful  that it will be around the beginning of next month.


Christine said...

It's so much easier to ttc when we are actually excited about a cycle. Good luck and I hope this is the one for you

Melissa said...

Thank you! I really feel like all this time we've really been waiting as I couldn't O, and had no real hopes of it. Now that I can I feel like I've just started TTC and haven't been trying for 22 months :) Which is great, I'm not burned out really like so many women after this much time.

I really hope you have a good month too!

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!