Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New goals....waiting longer to TTC.

Well, recently at my psychiatrists I realized that after the last 90 days (m/c, knee sprain, sick with flu, bronchitis) that I am no longer as emotionally stable as when I started the summer.

So, I realize that in addition to making sure my heart is in the right condition for pregnancy, I'm going to re-assess my mental health each month to see if I'm prepared for it.

Also, I'm excited about the prospect of losing weight. I think this will help me get my heart in the best condition possible as well. So, whenever I get healthy again (no longer sick with cold/bronchitis) I'm going to start using my Wii Fit, starting at least twice per week.

You might see my Weight loss ticker above with my it is

As you can see I'm currently at 8 lbs lost. I re-made the goals a few weeks ago. Also, I'm using a newish product called Sensa
 Sensa Starter Kit Month 1 with Dvd and Usage Guide
The way it works is you sprinkle it on your food (salty for your main dishes or savory foods, sweet for desserts, muffins, etc) and then when you smell it (has no smell really) it triggers a reaction in your brain that tells you you're full. I end up eating much less on Sensa and feeling satisfied. I feel like it's training to let me know what my full signals are like. 

Oh, and today, another kick in the pants. I started realizing I was having a pain in my lungs when breathing last night. And I've been using the inhaler the hospital gave me more often. SO, went to my PCP (managed to snag an early morning appt) and now I have a cold.
Grreeeeeeeaaaaaat animated,emoticon

I get it God! No baby-making right now! The baby factory is closed for repairs until further notice!


Ashleigh said...

hahahaha, I'm sorry, but I love your last sentence. The muffin shop is closed!
Sensa sounds cool! I've never heard of it!

Here's to getting your body healthy so you can have a sweet sweet lil healthy babe :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Ash. I try to take things with a sense of humor. And with Sensa I did SO good with it the first two days and now I don't think I used it at ALL today. I've just been so busy and have been taking working lunches. :(

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
Diana Farrell, MA


Motherhood Wanted approved!