Saturday, November 6, 2010

Strange chart

So, I'm trying SO hard to stay off of the computer. I at least have to get on to update my charts at Fertility Friend and Countdown to Pregnancy.

I have noticed this cycle more than last my pre-O temps are super high. Other than one or three that are in regular pre-O range the rest are 98.0 and above. The last 2 temps I had to temp adjust because my urge to pee in the morning has been so strong. I don't really think I have changed much my drinking habits at night.

Also, I've had a super high sense of smell the last two days. It is something I usually get around O, but I haven't had other classic O symptoms. I have been trying to assess my CM, but it seems at most Creamy---one day it seemed watery, but I downgraded it. Also, the most fertile my CP got was MM-. Still not quite there.

Yet, I did a little advance experimentation with FF. I entered two more temps at about the same temp I am now (98.2) and FF gave me dotted CH on CD9! That would be a SUPER early O, plus I would have one day of unprotected intercourse around 4 days before O. Not great odds, but possible. I don't really think that I O'd then, but I have to wonder.

The last recorded OPKs were around CD4 and CD5 (BD on CD5). Those so far were the closest to positive as I had a medium darkish line, but still nowhere near positive. The last two days my OPKs have been completely and utterly BFN---there was no line whatsoever. Also, I've learned to slightly interpret my CBEFM sticks and those were really negative. The estrogen is super high and the LH is almost non-existent. Going by that, I'd say I haven't O'd at all, and could be another week or so away from it.

Time will tell. If I JUST look at my PMS symptoms (sore side bb, backache, higher sense of smell, etc) I would say I have just O'd. But NONE of my other fertility signs (except possibly BBT?) agree with it.

Sometimes I really hate charting. Emoticons

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!