Sunday, November 7, 2010

This time REALLY early O! (WTH!)

So, if you saw my last post it commented on some strangely high pre-O temps and the possibility of having O'd (already!). Well, today's temp after genuine 7 hours sleep, no waking before temping was at 98.3. Apparently this was high enough for FF to select O at CD9. CD9!!!!!! That's a full 10 days before I expected to usually O and at least 4 days before my last O.

I guess it doesn't really make a difference. I should be glad I'm ovulating, y'know? I guess my problem is that I want to know "Why?". I think I sought to start charting for control of my cycles. Now I realize that was a myth. Charting is useful, but it still can't help me change when and how I ovulate. I can look at patterns and take some vitamins that may address a certain deficiency, but real change isn't possible. It's take what you get and hope you can read the signs well enough for your goal.

I have to say this is especially frustrating as I am trying to avoid (barely) until after my ECHO, possibly until January.  I'm not so practiced at preventing. I thought I was okay because I never thought I'd have O on CD9!!

But, although we did BD on CD5 I think the state of my CM around then was too pitiful to allow the sperm to survive 4 days to wait for the egg. I know it can happen, but I don't have confidence that it will. Plus I haven't had my ECHO yet (tomorrow!) so I only hope that the results aren't bad...for various reasons, but also because I'd like to start trying again.

I guess we shall see....

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!