Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Visit to OB/GYN

So, today I went to see my PCP for a check-in related to my hypothyroidism.  The levothyroxine appears to be managing that condition well. When I told him that I suspected I had miscarried, he insisted that I get an appointment today with an OB/GYN to confirm and clarify if the miscarriage was complete. I was able to go this afternoon. This OB/GYN was practical and understanding. He agreed to do an ultrasound as I had experienced some low pelvic pain on the left side. I suggested that this could just be an IBS symptom.  Either way, he did not find presence of anything in my uterus. He stated that the lining was thin, and he clarified for me that it was at the level he expected.

He did order an hCG (quantitative) to confirm loss and also an antibody level.  He stated that due to my - RH factor, I will need a Rhogam shot when pregnant, but my losses have been so early, he did not believe it was a factor and would not benefit me at this time.

From what I know of antibody testing, if it is abnormal, baby aspirin could be an effective treatment. However, with my hx of congenital heart defect, I am reluctant to try this unless it is needed. I was looking at my last few CBCs, and the only consistently abnormal level was my MPV (mean platelet volume). Even when I have not been pregnant or recently miscarried, I had a *slightly* higher than normal MPV.  I've only had one in the last 5 since 2012 that has been in the normal range, and it was just under the highest part of the range. 

I don't know if this means anything, really, but from some research information I have come across, it is not a satisfactory indicator by itself.  However, if I also have abnormal antibody levels...

I still have little luck in getting a RE or OB/GYN willing to actually treat my infertility due to my heart condition. It's possible that if I have a 3rd confirmed miscarriage, I could get them to agree to some sort of supplementation after I get a positive test.


Caroline said...

Hope you have a peace after your appt!

Melissa @MotherhoodWantd said...

Thank you Caroline. My hCG did come back negative, as I suspected. The doctor never got back to me on those antibody levels though. I should probably give the office a call.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!