Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ToConcieve Giveaway in honor of 25th annual National Infertility Awareness Week

For those of y'all that have been following my blog, you may know that I was selected to try out and advanced lubricant designed not only to promote more sperm reaching the target zone, but to also encourage women's bodies to produce more of the necessary cervical fluid that helps the sperm safely navigate through the cervix and on their way to the fallopian tubes.

If used daily, this can help women produce more of their appropriate cervical fluid that promotes pregnancy.  It can also be a supplement to aid lubrication when baby-dancing.  It is recommended to apply once daily (after showering/bathing) and anytime you have intercourse.  One thing I really like about ToConceive is that I don't have to give it a specified time period to be more effective, so it's great when you're being spontaneous or at least doesn't kill the mood.

Anyway, I know that I have used ToConceive in my recent cycle that resulted in pregnancy.  I also can say that I have noticed an increase in the overall volume of my cervical fluid throughout my cycle, and I previously had scanty EWCM.

So, I highly encourage y'all to check out their Facebook page and win a bottle for yourself!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of National Infertility Awareness Week, ToConceive is giving away 25 bottles of ToConceive to couples trying to conceive, in hopes of spreading hope to all couples TTC. To enter, visit ToConceive's Facebook page ( and comment on the post "Hope is..." letting us know what hope means to you. To promote infertility education, we'll also donate 25% of all profits during that week to RESOLVE.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!