Monday, November 21, 2011

Current cycle status and vitamin regimen

So, since I am not charting, OPKing, or doing really anything to track my cycle most of this is a guesstimate. I would say the only thing I am really doing is marking when my period arrives on my phone's calendar and when it is projected. Since I tend toward 30 day cycles, I am estimating to get my period this cycle on 11/25/11--Thanksgiving, AGAIN. I only hope that it is much less painful than last Thanksgivings. Still, I am about 4 days away from my expected period--still no spotting, but I could still get it as close as 2 days before.

I really am trying not to obsess about my cycles, but when my BBs hurt so much, and I know that I've ovulated....I can't help but wait and wonder. I only keep track of when to expect my period so I can know if it is late. I try not to obsess about whether or not I am...I tend to despair that I will never get pregnant naturally.  I did have some spotting about a week ago for 2-3 days..not much...could have been O-spotting. Time will tell. 

I'm also out of supplements. I need to get my Royal Jelly, B-Complex and Folic Acid replaced. I've been out for awhile. Other than that I'm going back on my Melaleuca Vitality 4 vitamins since when I added that to my regimen last time I had such a long luteal phase. So I really believe in those. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get some soon. 


Miss Diva Lisa said...

I think I need to do the same. I have been doing lots of research about herbs and supplements to "aide in ttcing" so it is definitely time to stock up and hopefully conceive in the next few months...fx

Maria said...

I wish I could just chill out and track my periods. I have a pretty typical cycle but I think I might be addicted to my thermometer. I can quit temping for about a week when AF shows but then... I just can't help it. I fall off the wagon.

Melissa said...

@Miss Diva Lisa--I'm supplement crazy! I was creating a supplement guide for our LTTTC board at So many women I see are jumping on a vitamin bandwagon without checking out whether it suits their condition or is good for them.

@Maria--I know! I was the same way! Until I agree with DH that I would truly NTNP I knew I had to stop. I can't stop obsessing over my cycle while I am temping. In many ways I feel a lot better. But as soon as we're back on more active TTC, I may start again, unless I just decide to use CBEFM only!

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!