Friday, February 10, 2012

The importance of effective baby dancing

Sooooo. I am now 4DPO. I am very tired (go to bed late), stomach issues (IBS), and fuzzy-brained (again, fatigue most likely cause). I promised myself since the first likely true pregnancy symptom couldn't start until at LEAST 7DPO, that I  will wait until then to document my symptoms on Countdown to Pregnancy---but it's going to be hard. I'm already chomping at the bit. I just know that as helpful as it is, it also feeds the frenzy. I'm already more hopeful than I have a right to be anyway, so.

Let me tell you why THIS cycle has me so hopeful! I know that there are many, many variables that contribute to a single couple's infertility. The woman's ovulation, lining, cervical mucus, etc; the man's sperm count, motility and morphology, among other things. But what is perhaps the MOST important thing to successful conception? Drowning that egg in sperm. The most effective way is to ensure BD on each of the 4-5 days of the fertile period. I'm not sure how the amount of BDing affects the probability statistics of conceiving, but I'm pretty sure if the highest projected statistic is around 30% (for a couple with no known issues), then I'm thinking the best way to get to that max is, well, coverage.

But, this is why it is called baby dancing. Anyone can dance, but to do it well takes practice, commitment, and timing. The same is needed when trying to conceive.  Practice, well I think that, hopefully, most of us know how to do the mechanics, but this could apply to the peripheral stuff in sex that encourages conception instead of discouraging it. Things like using sperm-friendly lubricant and other outlandish things couples try to encourage the sperm to make a nice home while waiting for baby. The woman practices tracking her cycles, however she chooses and the man may alter behaviors to allow for optimum sperm production.

Commitment-anyone reading this who has been blessed enough to decide to get pregnant and just have unprotected sex and poof--baby on board---well, you may have a different concept of the commitment to conceive a child. You may likely be picturing the commitment of the pregnancy, birth, newborn stage and beyond. For the infertile couple, commitment to achieving pregnancy is a whole 'nother ball game. It is commitment to a few options: sex on demand (the OPK is positive, let's go!), creative foreplay  to sustain or create interest in repetitive intercourse, and--dogged determination to have sex every day or every other day from after the woman's period leaves until O is confirmed. All of these take commitment, but especially the last one. Most couples don't attempt it until they have reached a point of desperation brought about by time or loss.

So now for my point--why I am so hopeful this cycle. This cycle, if my chart and CB EFM are correct, we have manage to cover the 2 days before O and O date. Here is the handy dandy Intercourse Analyzer tool from Fertility Friend:
Intercourse Analyzer 1.19.12
Score definition for Intercourse Analyzer
Needless to say, this is the highest rating you can get with this tool. On my m/c cycle, I only had Good. I know it isn't a guarantee. I know at most, if I'm really lucky, it will lift my chances to about 30%--but it will likely be half that. In any case, I'm hopeful this will be what was missing from our equation all along.

If not, I have the BeeFertile to look forward to! It should be on its way! Most likely by the time it is here, I'll be nearing the end of this cycle, so I'll use the time to get familiar with the regimen and hopefully get DH on board with taking the men's portion of the supplement.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!