Thursday, December 13, 2012

I will not listen to IPS, I will not listen to IPS....

I have a love/hate relationship with studying my "symptoms" during a TWW to see if this somewhat newer symptom or way more intense breast pain = BFP in my future. But is it PMS or EPS (early pregnancy symptoms)?  Sometimes I call PMS "IPS" for imaginary pregnancy symptoms.

I love going to to log my most recent symptoms and check out stats on most common early pregnancy symptoms, when they're most often experienced, etc. It is one of my favorite sites, as they offer at least 6 ways to log breast pain---because if you've been TTCing long, you know one cycle may have tender nipples only, sometimes just underarms/sides of breasts hurt and sometimes breasts ache when just sitting but don't feel worse if touched and other times only hurt if touched/pressed.

Way to confuse a girl, eh!  Anyhow, I'm bringing this up because my PMS/IPS symptoms are singing their song:

When you're running to go pee
and go up a size or three,
then it must be time to take your H-P-T!

If your boobs are really sore
and you crave chocolates galore,
then it's time to get behind that bathroom door!

If your eyes are drooping low
and your thinking's kind of slow
then this month you're bound to miss your Aunt Flow!

test-test-test TEST test-test-test TEST 
It is your time to TEEEEEEEESSSST!!!!!!!

So, I'm a leetle obsessed with symptoms. Last night around 6PM, it seemed like my nips were starting to throb and by 10PM the tops and sides of my breast were burning kind of sore--kind of tingling. I also noticed getting tired around 10PM before I took meds--usually don't get tired until 11PM or later.

BUT, I will not test tomorrow. If I temp tomorrow AND Friday morning, I can test then. 

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Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!