Saturday, March 2, 2013

ToConceive: Revolutionary Fertility Lubricant

     Those of us that have been trying to conceive for awhile are all aware of the risks of using commercial lubricant when baby-dancing, as many major brands have some amount of spermicide or do an effective job of killing a lot of sperm before they reach the uterus. To date, there has only been one option for couples in need of lubrication during baby-making time—Pre-Seed. Since 2002, Pre-Seed has been the only viable lubricant option that will prevent sperm death while offering relief from dryness due to fertility medications and frequent intercourse.
    A new lubricant for couples with infertility goes a step further than a sperm-friendly lube. Dr. Ron Thompson, an OBGYN and a leader in several infertility procedures, developed ToConceive. ToConceive not only provides a lubricant with appropriate pH balance for sperm to live, but also promotes normal sperm capacitation, which increases the likelihood that sperm will reach the ovum prepared for fertilization. This is generally something healthy, mature sperm are capable of, but a woman’s natural arousal fluid and cervical mucus can also help sperm without the ability to capacitate to do so.
   With ToConceive, couples facing male infertility issues, as well as some female fertility concerns, can increase their chance to achieve conception naturally.  For some couples this could mean conceiving without invasive procedures for either the man or the woman. For couples looking at ART procedures in order to conceive, ToConceive can provide a relatively inexpensive way to achieve conception that might otherwise be out of their reach.
    I was very intrigued when contacted by the makers of ToConceive to review their product. When I first saw the price for a 3-month supply, I thought “Why should I buy this when I can get Pre-Seed for so much less?”  But as I looked at the information of what ToConceive can do, it was clear that this product is more advanced in how it can help with fertility issues.  This made the price seem more reasonable, and if it can help a couple that just needs an extra boost to their love-making to overcome their fertility obstacles, it seems worth it.  Especially if you compare the cost of a 3 month supply to 1 IUI or even just injectable fertility meds. 
    For myself, this is appealing, because even though DH’s sperm test results showed now concerns on his end, I still am not quite sure what is happening with me that is preventing us from achieving conception. Certainly my frequent medical concerns that cause us to halt TTC or our separations have not helped. But I would welcome anything that would keep me from having to go to additional doctors or potentially have to endure an invasive procedure.  I’m looking forward to getting to use ToConceive and will be reviewing it here on my blog!  So, stay tuned!

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!