Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mixed Blessing...

Sooooooo....this cycle around CD8-10, I had spotting.  Lately my periods all start this way: very light spotting, next day slightly heavier, then full on flow.  This time, I had light spotting that never increased in flow and then it went away.  This, and other symptoms, made me take a pregnancy test. On CD11 I got a positive pregnancy test!!!! Very exciting. I started calling doctors, making appointments and adjusting my meds.

I will say that this cycle I used To Conceive (a lubricant designed to stimulate a woman's ability to create a welcoming environment for sperm).  I also used OPKs to track. I believe we BD on the day of my positive OPK.  For vitamins I have been taking:

Kidney Tonic (herb blend provided by acupuncturist)
Wen Jing (herb blend from acupuncturist)
B-Complex (50-100 mg)

All of the vitamins I am taking are geared toward stabilizing my LP.  This has proved to be my primary need as unfortunately.....I got a negative pregnancy test on 3/24 and started spotting. It has now progressed to full bleeding. Having miscarried before, I know I'm going through a natural miscarriage.

After the spotting (in which a brownish clot the size of a nickel passed), I've had a very yellowish, watery red flow. This is consistent with my last miscarriage.

The reason I titled this post "mixed blessing" is that although it is crushing to have lost another, I feel more confident in my ability to get pregnant. It also helps my acupuncturist tailor her treatments for me. She plans to get an herb mix that will assist in preventing miscarriage when I get pregnant next.

We plan to try right away. I re-supplied my CBEFM, so that we could pinpoint ovulation. Last time, using my "miscarriage bleed" as a LMP, I ovulate around CD19-22.  I imagine since I have already had negative pregnancy tests, I will be able to ovulate sometime in April, if just slightly late.

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Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!