Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy Temp Spike Batman!

So if you look at my charts above, you'll see that for two days in a row I've had my temp jump .3 degrees for a total of .6 from 4DPO!!. I was shocked when I saw the temp this morning, 98.9! Other than being close to fever, I haven't had a temp that high, even post-O. Although I technically still have bronchitis, I don't think I am feverish. It was a little warm in the bedroom last night and we sleep with a down cover year round. So ((shrugs)) I dunno, it may go down tomorrow.

Another thing I noticed is that I seem to have a temp dip at 4DPO. This chart, my last chart it was at 4DPO and my m/c chart was at 3DPO.

Lately I've had some vivid dreams. This morning I was half-awake, but dreaming that this old lady (who was supposed to be DH's Mom!) was advising us about buying houses. She started talking about credit scores and stuff and I told her "We actually have good credit" and I said that last bit OUT LOUD! I woke DH, he thought I was talking to him! Really weird. And I said it clearly too, I didn't seem to mumble it, which is weird. Normally when I talk in my sleep I'm totally out and have no idea I'm talking.

I don't really think I'm pregnant though because last time I was I would get so dizzy from low blood pressure. So I don't think I am this time.


Lindsay said...

I just love your post name :) - it made me smile. I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe those temps will stay up.

Ms. Polka Dottie said...

Gonna use that title when I get a day!

Glad that temp went up. I've never had one that high either...except when I got food poisioning.LOL

Melissa said...

Thanks Lindsay! They actually have gone down :S But not below coverline yet. I'm spotting for the last 4 days though and it is getting progressively heavier.

Melissa said...

Ms. Polka's a great the 60s Batman shows. Watched reruns as a kid. Pow! Zap! Kapow!!!

Motherhood Wanted approved!

Motherhood Wanted approved!
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Motherhood Wanted approved!